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Hands On Docusaurus​

2022/3/16 at Hualian GDG (30min) Slide

Kick start Docusaurus​

2022/2/16 at Hualian GDG (30min) Slide


Devtools Highlight 2017​

2017/9/22 at Mozilla Developer Conference (25min) Slide

Build the plane while flying it - How we design and build the Firefox Browser​

2017/5/5 at NIU CSIE (2.5hr)



2016/8/21 at COSCUP (20min) Blog

好孩子的第一次挑戰 WebVR 就快快樂樂上手​

2016/5/19 at MozTw (30min workshop) Event


Javascript, 征服世界是可能的嗎? (Javascript, world domanation)​

2015/5/19 at Morden Web (30min) Slide


Firefox OS - How Large Open Source Project works​

2014/7/19 at COSCUP (30min) Slide

All about Web Component​

2014/5/7 at GDG Taipei (30min)


Capable Web: Chrome Apps & Firefox WebApp​

2013/12/18 at GDG Taipei (30min)

Developing Firefox OS​

2013/11/13 at NCTU CSIE (2hr)

FirefoxOS Overview & Contribution​

2013/10/28 at NCU CSIE (3hr)

Steps to contribute to firefox os (gaia)​

2013/7/27 at COSCUP (30min) Slide

Hands on offline web app​

2013/7/20 at COSCUP lecture (3hr)


Make web as webapp​

2013/5/8 at GTUG Taipei (1hr)

FirefoxOS Overview​

2013/3/27 at NCKU CSIE (3hr)


Youtube for developers​

2012/10/25 at GTUG Taipei (30min) Video

Does everybody can program?​

2012/8/19 at COSCUP (25min) Video

Developer can make beautiful web - Introduction of JQuery Mobile/Twitter Bootstrap​

2012/6/6 at GTUG Taipei (1hr)


Android UI Design Guide & Tips​

2012/2/15 at Taipei GTUG (30min)



zhpy lightening talk​

2011/12/3 at PyCon China (5min)


gFolder demo​

2011/12/2 at Taipei Android Developer Lab (5min)

Android Icecream Sandwich(ICS) sharing​

2011/11/9 at Taipei GTUG (30min) Video

Android Continue Integration with Jenkins​

2011/8/20 at COSCUP (20min) Video

Introduction of AppInventor​

2011/8/17 at Taipei GTUG (30min) Video

Play framework on Google App Engine​

2011/7/20 at Taipei GTUG (1hr) Video

2011/7/6 at Taipei GTUG (1hr)


Google I/O Recap of Android​

2011/5/28 at Engadget (30min)

Beyond Android​

2011/5/24 at III (3hr)

Aside for Google I/O Extended Keynote​

2011/5/11 at Taipei GTUG (1hr)

Aside for Google Movie Day​

2011/3/30 at Taipei GTUG (1hr) Video


Introduction of Google App Engine​

2010/12/7 at Taipei GTUG (1hr) Slide

Introduction of Mercurial, the Distributed Version Control System​

2010/12/4 at TWJUG (1hr) Slide

Introduction of GoogleCode and Mercurial​

2010/02/03 Taipei GTUG (1hr)


2009/11/25 at Taipei GTUG (20min)

Introduction of Android Scripting Environment (Android Scripting Environment 簡介)​

2009/8/16 at COSCUP (30min) Video

The difference of Android Programming comparing with other OS (Android 應用程式設計大不同)​

2009/4/7 at Tossug (2hr)


GAEO+Facebook Plugin​

2008/11/15 at Happy Designer 4 (15min)


2008/11/4 at TOSSUG (15min)

Howto Maintain and Share an Python Project -- Take ZHPY for example (維護和分享 python 程式專案 -- 以周蟒中文 python 語言為例​

2008/4/12 at (30min) Slide

Programming by Python and ZHPY for dummies (英文不太好,也能第一次學程式語言就上手 -- 使用 Python 與周蟒)​

2008/1/8 at TOSSUG (2hr) Slide


Introduction of ZHPY (周蟒簡介)​

2007/11/3 Lightening talk on COSCUP (5min)

Test-Driven Python for dummies (Test-Driven Python 懶人包)​

2007/4/14 at (30min)

Introduction of TurboGears Web Mega-Framework (TurboGears 入門)​

2007/5/22 at TOSSUG (30min)