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profile for gasolin at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

Current Contribute

Web 3

  • stakerwatch: Terminal utilities for Ethereum staker (Creator, 2020) npm
  • useDAPP: Framework for rapid Dapp development (Contributor, 2021)
  • @useDapp/coingecko: React hook to get token price from CoinGecko (Creator, 2021)

Utility tool

  • Saihubot: cross-platform (web + cli) client-side chatbot framework.(Creator, 2016~2019)
  • Webbybot: chatterbot written in es6 (es2015), compatible with hubot (Creator, 2016)
  • WebbyMouse: Turn your mobile phone into Air Mouse and touchpad with full web technology. (Creator, 2015)


  • generator-360-photo: Generator to create a web based 360 photo skeleton with aframe. (Creator, 2016)


  • FoxBox: Auto-configured FirefoxOS build environment in VM. (Creator, 2014)
  • webapplate: A Mobile First Web App fromework that help you quickly start the mobile web app development. (Creator, 2013~2016)
  • Gaia: Web-based system platform of Firefox OS. (Contributor, 2013~2017)

Ease Programming

  • OSEP WEB SERIAL: SCRATCH 3 + internet blocks + direct arduino firmware upload on Chromebook (Contributor, 2021~2022) Web site
  • Blockly: Web-based, graphical programming editor. (Contributor, 2012~2013)
  • BlocklyDuino: BlocklyDuino is a web-based visual programming editor for arduino. (Creator, 2012~2018)
  • ZHPY (周蟒): Designed and evangelized the Python Language in Chinese. (中文版 Python 程式語言)(Creator, 2007~2013)

Web Framework

  • TurboGears: The rapid web development megaframework. (Committer & doc site editor, 2005~2007): Designed, developed, and maintain TGCrud, a customizable editor/crud interface generator based on Model.