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Web and Services

  • On-chain analytics of how tokens flow through the Layer 2 and sidechain from Ethereum. (Creator, 2021)
  • LunDao: Articles around Ethereum written in maindarin (Help creating the web site, 2021)
  • Ethereum Milestone : Present Ethereum milestones as git-like diagram. (Creator, 2021)
  • CrossLink Taipei: CrossLink Taipei Conference Website (Help creating the web site, 2019)


  • Web UI to show cross chain balances. (Creator, 2021)
  • LetShow Music: Jukebox for android users in a place to share music with dropbox. (Hackthon project with Colin Su)
  • Blockly 中文版: Chinese version of Blockly, the web-based visual programming editor. (Translator)
  • BlocklyDuino: web-based visual programming editor for arduino. (Creator)
  • LetsMeeting: Mobile First Web Meeting Utility. (Hackthon project with Simon Hsu, 2013)
  • bgzla: Bugzilla Monitor for gaia project. (Creator, 2013)