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Personal Information​

  • Fred Lin (gasolin, 蓋索林)
  • 🎂 Birth Year: 1981
  • ️️✉️ Email:

  • Experience​

    Senior Frontend Engineer 👨‍💻Bitfinex2018/6 ~ present
    • Mobile team lead to release and maintain the Bitfinex Mobile App (Android/iOS)
    • Develop the performance UI for the high volume trading exchange. Including the Reporting tool an the Mobile App
    Senior Software engineer 👨‍💻Mozilla2013/2 ~ 2018/1
    • Shipped Firefox onboarding experience from v56 in time manner and become the Firefox module peer
    • Completely refactored Network Monitor with React & Redux and list as Devtools module peer.
    • Led connect device innovation project around chatbot, from idea to prototype.
    • Leveraged emerging web technologies to Firefox OS frontend as Firefox OS Settings app module peer.
    • Cooperated with global distributed team members in different timezone.
    • All works are opensourced.
    Organizer 🤹GDG Taipei2010 ~ 2014
    Senior Software Design Engineer 👨‍💻Delta Electronics2010 ~ 2013
    • Architected and Led team to implement in-classroom education services with projector. including web frontend/server, API, and Android tablet client.
    • Designed, coded and tested e-publish system with digital right management (DRM) support.
    • Got trained and submitted an Intellectual Property (IP) claim.
    Software Design Engineer 👨‍💻Delta Network(DNI)2005 ~ 2010
    • Router firmware development from backend to frontend (system build/porting, iptable routing, network protocols, user space application, web GUI).
    • Researched and ported emerging network protocols onto embedded devices in time manner (IPv6 6to4, Tunnel Broker(OCN), DTCP(Feel6), Microsoft LLTD and some private protocols).
    Web developer 👨‍💻National Dong-Hwa University, Electrical Engineering2000 ~ 2004
    • Designed & maintained the homepage of the Department of Electrical Engineering and the College of Science & Engineering.
    • Introduced dynamic web page (ASP) for department news update since 2001 (The dynamic web page is still uncommon for university web pages at that time).


    🥈 Won 3 vendor Prizes ( $3500) in Scaling Ethereum Hackathon2021
    🥈 2nd Prize (BSC Whale Alert $5000) in Binance Hackathon2021
    🗣 6 times Coscup Speaker with variety of open source related topics2009~2016
    📗 Android programming entry book 4ed become Top 5 yearly best seller in language&programming category2011
    📗 Top 2 in TenLong's Best Tech Book Seller Billboard, Android programming entry book 1st~3ed2009~2011
    📙 Honorable Mention, introductory the book 'Google App Engine in Practice' (Google 應用服務引擎開發實戰 , 上官林傑)2009
    🎗 SLAT(Software Liberty Association of Taiwan) voting Best Educational Promoter award (自由軟體傑出教育推廣獎)2008
    📙 Honorable Mention, book Professional Python Frameworks: Web 2.0 Programming with Django and Turbogears has a whole section to introduce my Turbogears plugin 'TGCrud'.2007
    🎗Entry the final of Communication Application Integration Contest (將RFID及P2P整合於家庭網路-實現商品防仿冒和自動取得商品附加價值之服務系統, 通訊應用整合競賽入選)2004
    🎗Microsoft sponsor honor of IPv6 Creativity Contest(個人內容分散式網路-利用 IPv6 特性的 P2P 節點搜尋機制與應用, IPv6 創意競賽 Microsoft 企業贊助獎)2003
    ⚽️ Honorable Mention, Champion of Eagle Cup 2001 as LB (soccer) (老鷹盃公開組11人制足球賽, 冠軍)2001

    Skill Levels​

  • Javascript/ES6+
  • React/Redux
  • Python:

  • Education and Certification​

  • 🎫 TOEIC: 890 (Gold), 2014
  • 🎓 M.S., National Dong-Hwa University, Electrical Engineering. 2005.
  • 🎓 B.S., National Dong-Hwa University, Electrical Engineering. 2003.

  • Publication / Lecture / Events​

  • Lectures and Presentations
  • Publication, Projects and Apps